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Everything you need to be a true beauty professional


We offer a beauty business academy consisting of a subscription to a beauty business mentorship program, in-person interactive workshops, online coaching, and our Signature Airbrush Tanning Course.  

Our online Signature Airbrush Tanning Course is divided into ten modules plus many bonus lessons that cover everything you need to be the 'go-to' spray tanning technician in your community.  

These lessons feature  our signature airbrush tanning techniques, rated five stars by Allure Magazine, as well as effective communication with your clients, marketing strategies, equipment and solution education, and pricing tutorials.

Beauty Business Workshop

Join us for an in-person and interactive full day workshop to learn how to start your new beauty business or manage your current beauty business.

Learn our proven strategy to gain more clients, build your personal brand, manage your expenses, and elevate your guest experience.  

These techniques have worked for us and the countless technicians we have trained over the years.  

Double your income in less than a year by implementing simple actions that when used together produce impressive results. 

  • How to value yourself and your services
  • How to go independent
  • How to be the MVP at your salon
  • How to maximize your social media
  • How to maximize your success without Instagram
  • How to create a revenue stream
  • How to create policies, budgets and margins
  • Create your brand and logo
  • How and when to create specialities
  • Employment Law and contracts
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Signature Airbrush Tanning Course


The Signature Airbrush Tanning Course is designed to allow you to customize your own journey.  

Anyone can apply self tanner, but airbrush tanning  is not just about spraying sunless tanning solution, it is about creating an experience for your clients. This course helps you create that unique service that makes them feel like the best version of themselves.  

Your clients will be in front of you in their most vulnerable state, mostly naked.  That gives you the opportunity to make them feel comfortable, beautiful, included, and confident.  It is not just about getting a tan, it is about successfully providing a desired outcome to a client who is celebrating a special event in their life.  That is what is so rewarding about this service.  It allows you to be part of the most important celebrations and participate in that joy.

Learning this service is simple.  It is what you are going to do with it that will be your true purpose and reason.

Over the past 20 years I have built my beauty business into a six figure multi-pillar organization that is highly respected in our community.  I have personally done tens of thousands of tans, and trained countless technicians.  I have found my new purpose through our most recent endeavor, and I am ready to give all of my experience and knowledge to new aspiring artists.

This course consists of modules, workbooks, bonus clips, and written guides that not only teach you the techniques of airbrush tanning, but will give you the communication skills and fundamentals that will make you an expert in the field.  It will continue to be written by the students who take it.  This course is designed to evolve and expand in the direction that is defined by our students.

I look forward to watching as you define success and achieve it.

Client Communication

Client consultation and communication, product knowledge, and understanding your equipment.  

It will be important to not only understand the way spray tan solution works, but also obtain the skills to communicate effectively to your client.

Your ability to explain the process will set them up for success and realistic expectations.

Bonus Clips

Our bonus clips explain more about challenges and opportunities you might encounter.  

We review solutions, equipment, set-up scenarios, troubleshooting tanning disasters, and how to create your own unique value.

There are workbooks and guides that will help you organize your ideas and prioritize your resources.  

Deep Dive Videos

The best part of the course is our ‚Äėdeep dive‚Äô videos where our founder, Sequoia Leopold shares her 20 years of experience and gives you ‚Äėin-depth‚Äô information about the industry and real life scenarios.

Reactionary videos come directly from the Spray Tanning Forums and daily work with clients in our flagship studio.  

You will see real photos and read real messages from clients who have had a challenge.  We coach you on how to avoid the problems, how to listen to your client, and how to find a mutually acceptable solution.

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Why I made this course...


I saw a need for online airbrush tanning education that was not tied to a particular brand. 
The current education available is designed by companies who are selling you either solution or equipment. 
I want to teach you airbrush tanning with transparency and honesty.

I have been intimidated by the beauty industry my whole life, and I am now in a position to create an inclusive, welcoming, and affordable education platform where there is no judgement.  

I am passionate about education and as well as experience.  With my cosmetology license, my  masters degree in business,  and my 15 years as a business owner; I will share all of my knowledge with you.

— Sequoia Leopold

The Real Deal 

I entered the beauty industry originally because I was naturally good at it, and enjoyed it.  I quickly realized it wasn't the beauty service I enjoyed as much as it was making my client FEEL beautiful and confident and see herself in a way she hadn't before.  Giving people that experience was addicting to me, and I loved  including people in an  industry that works so hard to exclude.

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